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What Song (#1 This Week In 1966) Featured Paul Tanner On The Electro-Theremin?


Thanks for another great Wednesday Request Night at Greek Isles this past week! And please make your reservations so you can join me this week as well.  214-484-8635


The Beach Boys and "Good Vibrations" topped the charts this week in 1966. Recorded over a 7 month period at 4 different studios, the song was called a "pocket symphony" because of its many changes of tempo and key. Trombonist-inventor Paul Tanner was hired to play his one-of-a-kind electro-theremin, which gave the closing minutes of the song an "outer space" sound normally associated with films like "The Day The Earth Stood Still." Brian Wilson liked the results so much that he used it again on 3 other songs - but none so effectively as "Good Vibrations."

This coming Wednesday, I'll be glad to play you some other Beach Boys songs. But if you want "Good Vibrations", bring your Theremin!

All the best, Dave T

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