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Seasonal Programs

Christmas: The Stories Behind The Songs

With this program, Dave will change forever the way you listen to the songs of the holiday season. Not only will you hear how Christmas music has evolved over the centuries, you’ll learn about the origins of our Christmas traditions as well. Many who have attended this program say they would gladly see it again and again, just to hear Dave describe the birth of Silent Night. (Program available from Thanksgiving until Christmas)

© 1994 Dave Tanner, Inc.

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The Stories & Songs Of Valentine's Day

If you’ve ever wondered who Valentine was, why he is a saint, why February 14th was named for him, and what he had to do with lovers (or even if you haven’t), this is the perfect February program! With sing-a-long sheets (so no one can say, “I didn’t know the words”), Dave traces the origins of this lovers’ holiday from pagan Rome through Shakespeare’s England, and all the way to the present. (Available February 1st – 14th) 

© 1994 Dave Tanner, Inc.

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling: Stories And Songs Of St. Patrick’s Day

Dave’s most ambitious program (he plays 4 instruments, dances a jig, and speaks in a convincing Irish brogue) is a loving tribute to Ireland and the Irish in all of us on March 17th. Between choruses of Tura Lura Lura, and Danny Boy (lyrics provided), you’ll laugh at clean limericks, meet the original Patrick, and learn all about those Wee Folk, the Leprechauns.  (Available March 1st -17th)

©1994 Dave Tanner, Inc.

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