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Classic Pink Coupe de Ville

1959 - Farewell To The Fifties!

1959 was the year that Barbie was born, and the Edsel died. It was the year of composer Henry Mancini’s first hit musical score and Rodgers & Hammerstein’s last. The times, they were a-changin. Songs include Kansas City, Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, What’d I Say, and Only Make Believe. ©2019 Dave Tanner, Inc.

Las Vegas

You know Elvis Presley’s greatest hits – from Love Me Tender, to Can’t Help Falling In Love, to The Wonder Of You. But wait ‘til you learn the stories behind these classic romantic songs! Program also includes It’s Now Or Never, Are You Lonesome Tonight, and your vote for the best Elvis love song – ever! 

©2019 Dave Tanner, Inc. 


In the 1950’s, it seemed every street corner had a group of teens whose fluent “vocal-ese” replaced entire orchestras. With “oohs”, “aahs”, and the chords from Heart And Soul, they created Doo-Wop, the music of our lives! We loved songs like Silhouettes On The Shade, 16 Candles, In The Still Of The Night, and Only You! And we loved the groups as well – The Coasters, 4 Seasons, and Belmonts. Dave has chosen his Top 10 of the best Doo-Wop love songs. But as is his habit, he will be open for suggestions from each audience for their favorites as well.

©2019 Dave Tanner, Inc.

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